If Your Lots A Mess And It Don’t Look

Good, Who You gonna call?



Get one month of sweeping free with a signed 6 month contract.  Contact us for a free quote to sweep your lot.  We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services.
Call 918-355-5421 from 9-5 or
      918-455-9497 after 3 p.m.

•   A customers first impression takes place entering  the parking lot.

•   At Dirt Busters we care about our clients image.        With 20 years sweeping experience we know how to  make your lot shine.  

•  Dirt Busters is a local family owned business  sweeping 363 days a year.  We do take off  Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. 

If your idea of parking lot maintenance is a pointy stick and a trash bag, click on the Why Sweep button for facts from national studies on how parking lot sweeping can save you money and increase profits.

At Dirt Busters we have one of the owners on site whenever sweeping is being done.  Not only do we watch for debris in your parking area, we keep an eye open for suspicious looking characters.  WE CALL THE POLICE.  Our clients are our number one concern.  

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